The board LIBRA05400 is a BMS (Battery Management System) for the intelligent control of all types of rechargeable lithium cells by controlling the steps of charging and discharging, preventing malfunctions and breakdowns.
LIBRA05400 is designed for the control of battery packs composed of 3 to 5 lithium cells connected in series. This card is recommended for battery packs with currents up to 60Ah.

The heart of the BMS is made with a 16-bit microcontroller that controls and stores all the parameters of the battery pack. The status of the battery pack is visible with different types of interfaces.

The main features of the board are:

  • Measurement of the voltage of each cell with resolutions of 1mV;
  • Measurement of the current pack in charging and discharging with a resolution of 10mA;
  • Monitoring the temperature of the cells and the board;
  • Balancing smart cells made in several stages;
  • Measurement of the SOC (State Of Charge) on the level of energy present in the package;
  • Blocking of charging and discharging for security issues;
  • Internal clock (real time clock) for synchronization of data;
  • Adjustable parameters for the management of different models of battery packs;
  • Storing all events;
  • Low Power Technology of the cells less than 10μA off with BMS;
  • Transmission of data with various types of interfaces (UART, I2C, USB);
  • Graphical interface for connection to BMS Personal Computer